Are you thinking of buying or installing a heating system? Does your existing setup need maintenance? Repairs?

RB Enterprises has efficient teams who know about heating! Our experts, proactive in recommendations, installation and maintenance, will ensure your home’s optimal comfort in all seasons.
At home or in the office, you deserve to feel good. RB Entreprises makes it their specialty. We are THE reference when it comes to heating. We know about furnaces! A team of dedicated professionals will listen to your needs, provide expert advice, and have the know-how to find the best solution for you.

Are you interested in dual-energy? Then, we have THE solution for you by combining the energy sources you want. This heating method has many possible options and is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial applications. Its use optimizes the performance/cost ratio while ensuring excellent comfort management.

Whether it’s electric, oil, wood, dual-energy, natural gas or propane, heating has no secrets for us. Do you have any questions? Our experts will answer you!

A situation may arise that is beyond your control. RB Enterprises offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just a simple call, and a certified technician is on-site as soon as possible.

Some products from partner companies

Opt for a modern heating solution that combines cost reduction and ecology.


Take advantage of an efficient heating system with the latest technology. Purified air for a healthier home.


• Electric Hot Air Coil
• 3 position switch for full electric, oil or automatic heating

Thermo2000, BTH Ultra

• Hot water system
• Compact design
• Easy wall installation
• Easily combined with an auxiliary boiler

Dettson, Supreme

• Forced air system
• Sequential element operation
• Quiet
• Zero clearance and mobile home approved
• Supreme Comfort, Supreme Advantage and Supreme Modulating models

Conforto, Granby industries

• Model KLE Lowboy
• Continuous modulation
• Quiet
• Advanced electronic control
• Power from 10kw to 27kw

Oil furnaces

Uniform heat and optimal comfort are the promises of oil heating. A safe system that has proven itself super-efficient.

Granby, Conforto BGC

• Hot water system
• High efficiency (up to 88.6%)
• ENERGY STAR qualified
• Triple gas pass design for increased efficiency

Granby, Conforto KLR/KLF/KLC

• Forced air system
• High efficiency (86% to 95.8%)
• ENERGY STAR qualified
• Fast and even heat

Oil tanks

Choose the tank that suits your reality. We offer safe models with multiple advantages. And we can perform both a new installation and a tank replacement.

Granby Industries standard tank

• Single background

Granby Industries superior tank

• Double bottom
• 25-year warranty

Granby 2-in-1 tank

• Double-wall
• 30-year warranty

GAS FURNACES (natural or propane)

Too hot or too cold is uncomfortable! A gas central heating system provides a consistent amount of quality heat to keep you comfortable in your home. However, it needs to fit your property; the correct size furnace will give the best balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness. Gas furnaces come in a wide variety of shapes to fit your space, so it’s important that your professional technician makes sure your unit is the right size for your space.

Simply put, a gas furnace creates an air heating cycle. The many components of the central heating system must work together to ensure your comfort:

• The combustion of propane or natural gas generates heat in the furnace burner.
• The heat produced passes through a heat exchanger, making the air hot.
• Air from the house ducts is blown over the heat exchanger to warm the air.
• The furnace blower then pushes the heated air through the supply ducts to distribute it throughout the house.


There are several grants available for heating upgrades or the addition of air conditioning. These programs allow you to update your heating system at a lower cost! Our teams will be happy to assist you in finding the product that will give you the best performance at the best price.



Thermo 2000